Founded in 2012, AW2S (Advanced Wireless Solutions and Services) is a research, design and engineering company specialized in RF power amplifier and digital signal processing for telecommunication systems.

Today needs in the global telecommunication industry are to increase coverage and data rate by using new broadband signals, and also reduce the overall power consumption of the systems. Our target is to provide to customers innovating solutions in order to increase throughput and efficiency of our products 

Based on our technologies and our experienced team who is issue from majors companies of telecom industry, we are able to provide reliable services and product solutions for wireless communications, merging both high analog and digital technologies, for the followings markets and applications

  • Cellular telecommunications (Base Stations, Repeaters, Boosters)
  • Private and secured telecommunications (Public safety)
  • Broadcast  (for video signal transmission)
  • Military
  • Space
  • Avionics (UHV/ VHF)